Mark is a husband and father with two sons in SCUSD. Please read about his volunteer experience and school board accomplishments. Please support him in any way you can and vote for him in November!

Volunteer Experience

Mark Richardson

Orange County Youth Lacrosse League, Volunteer Coach 1988-1989
The Foundry School, Volunteer, Mentor 1995-2005
The Lowell Slater Richardson Foundation, Founder, President 1996-present
Sunnyvale Community Advisory Committee, CNC Board Member 2004-2012
Sunnyvale PAL Boxing Program, Assistant Coach, DPS Volunteer 2006-2009
Satsuma Dojo, Student, volunteer instructor, Board member 2006-2016

Ponderosa Elementary, PTA Treasurer 2007-2008
Ponderosa Elementary, PEPCO Board Member 2008-2010
Ponderosa Elementary, School Site Council Board Member 2013-2016

Fremont High School, Volunteer, AVID program, 2011-2014
Fremont High School, Volunteer, Vistas Program, 2015-2016
Santa Clara Community Day School, Volunteer 2016-present
Honorary Service Award, California State PTA, May 19, 2015

School Board - first term highlights

Financial Stewardship

Mark has consistently voted for thoughtful, accountable spending that directly benefits students and best practices within education. Since he has been on the Board, Mark has continually voted to support pay increases for district employees, including those in the UTSC, CSEA and AFT Unions as well as non-bargaining unit members.

After receiving community input, Mark voted to implement financial stewardship regarding the passage of SCUSD’s General Obligation Bond Measure BB and advocated for the proposed amount of $1.5B to be reduced to the amount of $720M. Subsequently, the SCUSD voters successfully passed Bond Measure BB in 2018 which provides for three new schools at the Agnews campus, along with many other improvements to district schools.

“At Risk” Students

Mark remains a constant advocate for “at risk” students and initiated the formation of an “at risk” task force. Through his public presentations to the Santa Clara County Supervisors and the Santa Clara City Council, he worked with council members to create the first ever budgeted internship program for “at risk” students. He continues to strive for the implementation of these programs.

Through the Lowell Slater Richardson Foundation (named after Mark’s late father who was a California public school teacher), eleven SCUSD “at risk” students have been awarded over $9,000 for college scholarships from Mark’s foundation.

Mark referred a mentor volunteer who now works weekly with students at Wilson High School. He also found a volunteer photographer who took Mother’s Day pictures of teen moms who attend Wilson High School.

Mark volunteers weekly at the Santa Clara Community Day School working with “at risk” students. He has helped the school acquire a budget and was able to assist the school with procuring new office and kitchen equipment. He also sponsored a mural by Wilcox student artists for the students at Santa Clara Community Day School. He plans to sponsor murals for Wilson High School and New Valley/Gateway.

Student Safety and Well-being

City Council MeetingMark has worked tirelessly as an advocate for student safety and well-being. After a traffic incident near Peterson Middle School, he delivered a presentation to the Sunnyvale City Council to collaborate on specific issues involving safety. He also initiated a discussion regarding student safety, both inside and outside of our schools, during a SCUSD Board of Trustees public meeting.

Mark volunteered at George Mayne and Montague Elementary Schools during the COVID 19 pandemic. He worked with staff distributing food to SCUSD families in need.

Structure and Expertise

Mark improved meeting structure for the Board of Trustees with suggestions for new board policies. He encouraged adoption of professional practices and behaviors along with editing board bylaws to promote higher expertise.

Mark authored bylaw language to create a process by which new job positions are added to the District’s payroll. He also advocated for financial guideline procedures for future boards to follow.

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